Do managers need to be liked?

Balancing relationships and results

Presented by

Octavius Black

Chief Executive Officer

Do managers need to be liked?

In the world’s largest study of what makes a manager effective, one thing came out way above all else: strong working relationships.

But what does a “strong working relationship” look like? And how you can you equip managers to form, nurture, repair, adjust and recalibrate their relationships with people at work?

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn:

  • Just how much relationships affect a manager’s performance
  • What an appropriate working relationship looks like and how to avoid blurring the boundaries
  • The 3 C’s – Credibility; Consistency and Connectedness that underpin trust in good working relationships
  • The greatest relationship challenges, such as the shift from buddy to boss, and how to navigate them
  • A practical solution to equip your managers so they consistently build working relationships that work
  • Presenters: Octavius Black, CEO, MindGym and Cathy Walton, Creative Director, MindGym

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