Happy with hybrid?

Where hybrid working goes wrong and how to get it right

Presented by

Janet N. Ahn, PhD

Chief Behavioral Science Officer, MindGym

Sebastian Bailey, PhD.

Co-founder & President, MindGym

Happy with hybrid?

As governments announce an end to COVID restrictions, the consensus is clear: the future of work is hybrid.

But is the crowd wise? Will hybrid really give us the best of both worlds? Or will some companies find it falls between two pillars, neither rebuilding the social capital that fuels belonging and innovation nor giving employees the flexibility and autonomy they crave?

There is a way to deliver hybrid that gets everyone enthused. It is based in the psychology of human behaviour and is already being adopted by prescient leaders.

Drawing on our work with many of the world’s leading companies and the latest, post-pandemic, research, Dr. Janet Ahn and Dr. Seb Bailey revealed:

  • From tightly disciplined to fully empowered, what different companies are discovering works and where they fall short
  • The conundrum between giving employees what they want now and the business what it needs for the future
  • A practical blueprint to build commitment and reap the benefits of hybrid.

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