Real talk

The human side of performance management

Presented by

Sebastian Bailey, PhD.

Co-founder & President, MindGym

Real talk

The argument about the best approach to corporate performance management is raging. How can we improve employee performance? Should we abandon ratings? How often should we conduct performance appraisals? Will the changes improve business results?

In 2011, four years ahead of most organisations, insurance giant New York Life pioneered a performance management approach that went beyond ratings, ranking, calibration sessions and new IT. They focused on the human side of the process.

Our 30-minute webinar with New York Life’s award-winning CLO, Michael Molinaro revealed:

  • The behind the scenes challenges with changing to an agile approach.
  • Which attitudes, skills and behaviours were most needed to create sustainable change.
  • Why focusing on the human element is critical when re-engineering performance management.

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