Show me respect

Shutting down workplace bullying and harassment

Presented by

Mary-Clare Race, PhD.

Chief Creative Officer, MindGym

Show me respect

In the wake of #metoo and high profile cases at the top of big companies, business leaders are eager to make work safe from predatory behaviour.

The instinctive response is to promote anonymous helplines and demand people speak up. These solutions will have, at best, a marginal effect and might even do harm.

Drawing from the most robust behavioural science, Mind Gym’s psychologists have identified a far more guaranteed way to make work psychologically safer.

Watch the webinar with Mind Gym’s President Dr. Mary-Clare Race, as she reveals how you can put an end to bullying and harassment at work.

In particular:

  • How power and precedent fuel abusive behaviour and what it takes to guard against them
  • The pernicious effect of victimhood which leads us to minimise or take responsibility for others’ abuse
  • Why witnesses become unwitting colluders and how this creates a permissive culture

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