The state of inclusion

Channeling behavioral science to break down barriers and lead through change

Presented by

Janet N. Ahn, PhD

Chief Behavioral Science Officer, MindGym

Wei-Li Chong

President of Americas, MindGym

Where are we now & Where to next?

Watch back the candid, invigorating review on the obstacles global DE&I leadership have overcome, and get proven scientific insight into those challenges.

Our panel of global DE&I leaders focused on accomplishments, challenges and the scientific explanations behind both – while offering expert insight into where we think the future of diversity is headed.

What you’ll learn:

  • The struggles – you’ll hear global DE&I leaders discuss the changes and the obstacles they faced this past year
  • The present climate – you’ll hear about accomplishments to date and how they were achieved
  • The future – you’ll hear about future opportunities that are anchored in behavioural science.

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